All Categories Release Notes V - 20th Jun 2024

V - 20th Jun 2024

Here is what's new in build version, June 20, 2024

New Features implemented:

  • Introduces an additional Evidence Timestamping capability using

  • Major upgrade to support Linux Ubuntu 22.04

  • Added Smart Extractor for Telegram Chat/Channel User List to CSV

  • Added automatic Integrity check (hashes and freeTSA) on Case Import

Minor Improvements applied:

  • Minor GUI improvement

  • Improved Smart Extractor for Facebook

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug in the Memory RAM Counter that would not let the tool be used if you have exactly 8GB or less. Although it's the minimum requirement.

Known Bug:

  • None

Forensic bugs:

  • No bugs have been discovered that require a specific mention in a Court of Law.

SHA256 Hash:
Windows Installer - 33ff4689286658802d63136c997aa239396efdcd96fb34d8042ea29165e35d2e
Linux Installer - d063e045e6d7adc9aa4a22ed75466cfdfc3b248f8a9e97d30b1c49dbf8aa4fc5

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