All Categories Release Notes V1.0 - 25th Oct 2022

V1.0 - 25th Oct 2022

  • Here is what's new in build version, October 25, 2022

    New Features implemented:

    • Case Manager

    • Case Report

    • Acquisition Report

    • Evidence Report

    • Real Time Multi Blockchain Timestamp

    • Acquisition Review Tool

    • Chain of Custody

    • Video Recording

    • Network Traffic Dump

    • Evidence Screenshot Printable A4

    • Pageshot

    • Autoscroll

    Major Improvements applied:

    • None

    Bug Fixes:

    • None

    Forensic bugs:

    • No bugs have been discovered that requires a specific mention in a Court of Law.

    SHA256 Hash:
    Windows Installer - 533bbde01c0a12f5fc0366279ec32645843858e88a522d8fbeb25510479b7e48
    Linux Installer - 082aac185d1f8d3fc30ff75607d97cffb0e74b1a463a04db5c127d88798264d6

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