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V1.2 - 12th Jan 2023

Here is what's new in build version, January 12, 2023

New Features implemented:

  • Implemented toggle button to make black screen while recording video when using Alt+Tab feature;

  • .pdf creation of the screenshot .png file;

  • Youtube "shorts" - implemented on element scroll;

  • Machine resource check before software opens - minimum of 8GB ram and 4 cores are required.

Major Improvements applied:

  • Windows default installation directory changed to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Eviquire';

  • Borders added to every pop-up dialog;

  • Zoom increased while reviewing Screenshots tab;

  • All required files locations has been improved and changed to short path;

  • Loading spinner when opening software;

  • Video recording unchecked - added message in case review that "The user is disabled video recording for this Acquisition."

  • 'Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable (x64)' prerequisite has been added to the installer;

  • *.csv files preview at case review;

  • This release also includes some minor security improvements regarding licenses;

Bug Fixes:

  • Wrong path uninstalling issues;

  • Minor UI issues;

  • Size of new Acquisition does not displayed until user create another one;

  • On Windows OS to Run more instances than one at the same time;

  • Number of the Acquisitions in the case list does not increase;

  • Blockchain minor stability issues;

  • Incorrect sorting in the Acquisitions table at the run;

  • Fixed loader issues when opening case review form;

  • Removed 'A4' from Pageshot *.png file title;

  • SSL/TLS Key file not acquired but showed in the report;

  • Twitter Autoscroll fixed;

  • YouTube not expanding all the comments;

  • Hyperlinks removed from installer;

  • Single thread Pageshot and AutoScroll of Reddit;

  • Number of Acquisitions does not update after deletion;

  • "WhatsApp" web opening;

  • Video recording started too early;

  • Element scroll does not create evidence if it is cancelled;

  • Some other minor software issues.

Forensic bugs:

  • No bugs have been discovered that requires a specific mention in a Court of Law.

SHA256 Hash:
Windows Installer - 5486ecd14d2c0ed7d8546f56016108edae1ae018ff89df95fb6c49f7bd127926
Linux Installer - a5aa259f57050a2683e58025b992bb692442f60ef8c2ef034e44a549423ae17f

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