All Categories Release Notes V2.1 - 27th June 2023

V2.1 - 27th June 2023

Here is what's new in build version, June 27, 2023

Minor Improvements applied:

  • Button added to config open osint.json;

Bug Fixes:

  • PDF downloads;

  • Facebook not expanding comments and posts in rare circumstances;

  • WhatsApp from DuckDuckGo does not open;

  • Support page embedded inside the main UI;

  • Initial loading animation out of dialog;

Forensic bugs:

  • No bugs have been discovered that require a specific mention in a Court of Law.

SHA256 Hash:
Windows Installer - ddeed61bb26620a9ea0a00b064d0adb1f2da71a1fb74451ce715512d193b0569
Linux Installer - ec172970aca2822f606b65f26128f536d8097b4aa7e299b2feb613c52cbe04cd

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