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V2.2 - 24th Sept 2023

Here is what's new in build version, September 24, 2023

New Features implemented:

  • Facebook expanding comments, tested in Spanish/Italian/Germany languages;

Minor Improvements applied:

  • Number of "Automatic Tests" pages reduced from 3 to 2;

  • "Home" and "Online account" buttons are removed;

  • Chromium Cache fully disabled;

  • Improved readability to whois report;

  • *.PCAP file metadata preview in acquisition review browser;

Bug Fixes:

  • Tooltip of "Evidence Report Online" is not clearly visible;

  • Minor GUI changes;

  • Right mouse context menu buttons are active but not working;

  • Exit country not visible in GUI;

  • Public IP and Country not visible in report(Eviquire Cloud);

  • Public IP and Country are not saved in the DB;

  • Headers are not tracked in the DB;

  • Eviquire Cloud investigator name corrections;

  • Spinner disappears while creating the acquisition package;

  • Floating summary in acquisition review browser;

  • Case manager incorrect size(Linux Ubuntu);

  • Facebook CSV was not created;

  • Autoscroll of only source code stuck after 1st evidence taken (Linux Ubuntu);

  • Linux Ubuntu process, sometime, stay open after closure;

Forensic bugs:

  • No bugs have been discovered that require a specific mention in a Court of Law.

SHA256 Hash:
Windows Installer - 2b8137fee8ed4b951179bf7fcb1ae263e5e4a594df3e9dd4418791b88f2b8798
Linux Installer - 0ec4f8fb96a1c42b8f83a5b2c766497019defd7b858ceb1b48865ff5d3632d04

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